House of Crazi

As I was doing my usual kids are napping let me scan Pinterest for life ideas I came across a photo with the cutest freaking letters I’ve ever seen. You see a lot of fun ideas on Pinterest and I simply fell in love with this one. I looked up the company that sold the letters and saw even more cute things. If you don’t believe me- look for yourself here. I immediately needed these letters in my life.

House of Crazi is run by a mother of two boys, to be honest I wish we lived closer to each other because Nancy looks like a lot of fun! Maybe one day. They only use the highest quality hand mixed pigments available to compliment their paper mâché letters.  They’re letters are solidly formed all the way around.

I ordered letters for Cali’s room, and some for Theo’s. Hanging the letters was simple. Like I think a dog could do it. I received the letters and rain to the store and picked up a pack of 3M command strips. You can buy these anywhere. I got mine at Target. Here is a link. Each letter only requires two strips. So simple, right?!?

Deciding where to place them was the hard part. I finally found a spot on the biggest wall in Cali’s room and cannot wait to surround the letters with more photos and artwork we collect. I’ll be doing a room tour soon; and will definitely be including these letters as a must have! Thank you so much Nancy, your shop is great. Definitely check out her shop and find some cute ideas for your home!