Moving With Bellhops

When we moved into our small little rental two years ago we hired a random cheap moving company that I had googled and never heard of. They were alright, affordable, but we didn’t have much of a connection. They simply moved our stuff, got paid and that was that.

This move was going to be different. We had a lot more stuff and two extra babies to think about. I did the same research as before. Debated getting a POD, a UHAUL and everything in between. None of those seemed right for our family, and everyone’s needs. Nick works all day, almost everyday, so I just couldn’t see myself loading up a UHAUL with two kiddos attached to me. Packing all our stuff was hard enough with them (haha!).

I was browsing Instagram ad’s one day and came across a moving company called Bellhops. The people in the ad looked friendly, fun, and helpful. I decided to check it out. First thing I looked up was if they serviced my area. THEY DID! Step one, complete. I looked at the reviews, all good. I decided to reach out and drafted a quick little email to see if they would be interested in working my family during our first real big move. She was!

After a couple phone calls and chit chats about the whole process it was time to get connected with the Bellhops. First step when booking with them, is talking to a concierge. She asked me typical moving questions, how many rooms, how many big items, etc. We got a moving cost estimate and booked a day for the Bellhops to come grab all our things and move them for us.


Fast forward and it was finally moving day. Let me tell you something. I’m shy for the most part, but friendly. If any of that makes sense. Some people I just connect with and others it takes me a while to warm up to. Bellhops sent over 3 movers and a driver. They all arrived on time, and introduced themselves with big smiles on their faces. Friendly people— I live for them. I love a good polite smiley human. Cali and I had picked up some donuts before they arrived, so naturally she offered those to them. THEY LOVED THEM, which made Cali happy. People who can connect with my kids….another bonus.

It was time to get too moving. YAY. Before they arrived we had some time (weeks) to kill, so we had already started moving boxes that I had packed over to the new house. I gave the concierge a rough estimate of 60 boxes to move over along with the big bulky items. Reality, there were probably about 10 boxes since we had already moved them over lol. This surprised and made the Bellhops happy haha. They started loading up their truck with all of our items. They had a nice system and made sure everything was nicely taken care of. I loved this. People who care about other people’s belongings as if it were their own make me happy.

They loaded up their truck extremely fast, like nascar fast, and headed to our new house to unload everything. This whole process was awesome.. I had them booked for 5 hours, they got everything loaded and unloaded in 2.5. So there’s that for you. They’re great. I’d recommend them and already have to anyone moving near or far.