Cali's Room Tour

Creating a space to live in that we love has been a work in progress. We currently live in a small two bedroom, two bathroom home. (We’ve been searching for the perfect home to purchase for quite some time..but in the meantime this’ll do.) Space is tight, so we purge a lot of things weekly. One of my favorite rooms, aka the second bedroom, is my favorite. Cali’s Sanctuary. She spends ALLLL her days in here—so making it a special place for her to play in has been fun!

Over the two years we have been here, I’ve slowly collected toys and items she loves to play with on a daily basis. Like I said, we purge A LOT in this family. I make it a weekly habit to get rid of something we don’t use/need in the household. Same goes for Cali’s things. If I notice she hasn’t played with a toy in a while. I will hide it for a week. If it’s not asked or spoken about, I will donate it, and we never speak of it again. I find this a functional way to keep less clutter around.

Christmas did her well. but as much as she received—we donated.

Cleaning Cali’s room is a mission in itself. She is someone who loves clutter, everything has to be on the floor. I feel she thinks she can find things better that way. Anyone else’s toddler like that? HAHA. I used to try and clean her room everyday, multiple times a day. But no. Just no. It’s just something that can’t be done, especially with a new baby in the house. Now it gets clean 2-3 times a week. Anyways, back to the reason were all gathered here today..

The Tour. I will be linking products as well down below (if I can figure out how) HA. If you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to email me or message me on Instagram.

Bunk Bed found here at DHP Furniture

Knitted Dolls found here at Cuddle and Kind

Market Basket found here at Plum and Sparrow

End table (in corner) found here at Delta Children

Abacus found here on Amazon

Mini Caterpillars found here at Little Cottonwood

Wooden Guitar found here on Amazon

Wooden Play Food found here on Amazon

Wooden Knife and Cutting Board found here at Alpine Wood Shoppe

Kitchen found here at Ikea (HURRY, ITS ON SALE!)

Wall Toys found here at Oribel

ABC Wall Hanging found here at Maisonette

Project Nursery Video Monitor found here at Buy Buy Baby

Boon Three Ball Night Light found here on Amazon