Meet the Mom living with Burnettes.

I’m originally from California, but recently moved to Michigan and started a family. I’m a mother of two — Cali Jean and Theodore James, they are my whole world. I love Nicholes, photography, and some quality time with my friends. I drink a lot of coffee and occasionally take naps. Here I will share bits and pieces of my family, product reviews, and occasionally something random. Hope you enjoy, and stay a while!


Why a blog?

I needed a place to write. I loved writing in school- English was my favorite subject. Now that being said I am not the best at writing, but I do love it and I think that’s what matters. Many of my friends I have met through Instagram have blogs. I love reading everything they have to write about. I knew it would be something that makes me happy, something I could do for myself that would allow me to connect with other people. I’m excited to be doing this, and to see where it takes my family and I in life. Thank you for all of your support.